Original and exclusive treatment by INOAR

FAQs about this treatment.

Some people also call it "Smart Broom." It is a new and more advanced method of hair straightening, compared to the traditional "broom progressive". You can wash your hair an hour after the Moroccan Brush, instead of waiting three days with progressive brush.

If my hair has been treated, bleached, straightened, or have had treatment with any kind of chemical I can use the treatment Moroccan or Moroccan broom without damaging my hair?

Yes, you can use the treatment Moroccan or Moroccan broom. Keep in mind the deep cleansing shampoo removes the residue from prior treatment and our treatment is consistent with a Moroccan chemically treated hair.

May be repeated as often as necessary without any problem, however in case of irritation, it is better to wait and apply again when the scalp is restored.

The degree of smoothing depends on hair texture, and number of times you have applied the Moroccan broom or progressive, but usually after one or two times you see the shine and softness to the hair, giving a natural and durable.

In the first application was noticed a high degree of smoothness, hydration and softness with a reduction in hair volume.

Silicone polymer, emollient agents, cocoa extract and white clay, that having contact with the heat of the iron leaves hair is waterproofed and wires inside out. Using the plate ensures a healthy hair, the high temperature helps to penetrate the keratin in the hair strands.

After I applied the Moroccan Brush should keep my hair with some kind of product?

Inoar offers liberal post kit, which contains progress shampoo Post, post progress and post progress Conditioner Leave-in. To keep longer the treatment process Marroquin. Preferably Shampoo is recommended without salt, because salt opens the cuticle and is lost Moroccan broom treatment outcome.

Can i apply the product the same day after being painted, bleached or straightened?

Yes, no problem or side effect, you can apply the product the same day after placing any chemical treatment.

It is fully compatible.

In addition to smoothing the hair, it moisturizes, softens, and gives the hair a natural look, as the keratin penetrates the threads from the inside out.


Hair Treatment Brazilian keratin Inoar, white clay and cocoa butter. Its rich formula repairs hair minerals have been injured and returns to its natural beauty. Make a deep cleansing, clears the pores of the scalp replacing keratin that has been lost, giving strength and silkiness. The original formula Inoar Brazilian, hair is curly victims and an effective and durable.

  • Deep Cleansing Shampoo: Specially developed to treat and clean the hair with pollution caused by waste, chemical processing, staining, discoloration, etc., leaving the hair clean and manageable. Cleans and helps open the cuticle, leaving hair ready for treatment.
  • Moroccan Hair Treatment: Original Formula Hair Broom exclusive Marroquina composed of keratin, white clay, cocoa oil, repairs damaged and frizzy hair permanently and efficiently.


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