Beauty salon services

Service Price
GUARANTEE SERVICE Permanent Straightening for natural and color hair by CHI USA and BTX MOROCCAN Brazilian keratin blow out prices star at $500 mx(short hair) Botox hair antiaging treatment whit acid glicolic and karite ,cacao ,pantenol star at $500 mx . Hair cut $150 Trim hair $100 mx Hair deep antifrizz treatments from $500 mx (short hair)

Service Price
Curly eyelashes $150 mx
Eyebrow Ironing $150 mx
Eyelash and eyebrow tintint $300 mx
bleaching of hair star at $300 mx retouch color max.2 months roots $400 mx
full color star at $600 mx highlights hair from$300 mx balayage natural hair $1200
balayage process hair depending stage chemical conditions renue color extraccion $400 mx + color full $600 mx

All hair services prices vary according to client's hair conditions, status, length and texture.