Wax Center Playa del Carmen

Hair Removal

This system is the latest alternative and acceptable and effective hygienic hair removal. Use a disposable wax that glides evenly over skin with a roll-on and removed with a special paper strip due to its flexibility, minimizes the sensation ofpain.

The wax is heated with a thermo-regulating machine that keeps the wax at a moderate temperature, which allows the skin does not burn when applied. Suitable for face and body.

This system ensures that the product really is discarded as being the wax stuck to the band is impossible to recycle, which gives peace of mind and safety.

Addition and the characteristics of wax, hair pulling from the root grows thinner and weaker, which makes hair removal in future feel less pain.

Their results are more durable because the skin remains perfect 2 to 3 weeks.
The wax comes in disposable containers and come in different flavors, some of themare: aloe vera, chocolate and honey.

Waxing - Hair Removal

Using the latest techniques in hair removal, we use the waxing method for strip wax which is a hygenic and efficient way to remove your unwanted hair.

Sugar wax is available only for men's bikini wax

Using the Professional ChocoWax for the sensitive skin areas like bikini,face,underarms with titanium dioxide to reduce redness and inflamation, it is ultra flexible for ease of removal, so it's not brittle and comes off in one piece.
You can ensure a thoroughly professional treatment.

Beauty Image Professional Roll-on

  • Auto regulates the temperature - there is no need to be worried about the temperature anymore. Specifically designed to work with Beauty Image wax. It regulates the temperature to 37-39 degrees.
  • The most effective and hygienic method to apply wax.
  • Widely used in Europe
  • Beauty Image Pre depilation tonic specifically design clean and prepare the skin for the most effective waxing
  • Beauty Image Post depilation oil enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Beauty Image Moisturizer, excellent to calm the skin